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Sep 23

Corporate gifts - seven mistakes that you need to stay clear of

The month of December is where we are planning to gift presents to business associates and customers. Many entrepreneurs gift their business partners just at the closing their year. Did you realize that this is among the biggest mistakes you could make when it comes to corporate gifting? The best time to give business gifts as well as corporate gifts is all through the year. A present can further strengthen your relationships with your business partners and customers.

Business gifts can have an amazing impact if they're chosen and presented with care and at the appropriate timing. What we do wrong are, however, considered to be unprofessional and can result in a negative impact on the relationship we have with a business colleague or customer. Therefore, gifting gifts to business or customer partners can be quite an embarrassing experience , for instance buying a present that isn't worth the cost or is not in line with the preferences of the recipient. It is also a reality the fact that you (mostly) think of your business associates and customers every year only for a few days is not beneficial to you. We've put together some useful suggestions on how to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation regarding business gift.

Mistake 1 -  You give gifts to your customers and business partners at the close of the year.

It's not necessary to wait until the holidays to give business gifts. Each businessperson has plenty of possibilities to corporate gifts to business colleagues (even even if it's just a small gesture of affection) often throughout the year. If you're thinking about what and who you can present an enterprise present we would like to be reminded of the common principle - gift gifts to customers or business partners who aid your business's growth and efficiency.

The advantages of promotional and corporate gifts are numerous. Particularly beneficial gifts are the best type of advertisement to the recipients of all ages. Customers and business associates will be reminded of your company each time they use the product you've given them.

The act of giving business gifts to employees can have long-lasting positive impact on your company. It lets them know that you appreciate their efforts and you acknowledge that they are an essential element of your business's success. A useful gift such as an umbrella, backpack for laptops, or even a collection of gadgets for your smart phone can keep your employees continually reminded of how they are significant to you.

Don't be afraid to write a list of the names of recipients and possibilities for corporate gift giving. If you aren't sure what to do and get ideas and assistance from the blog Business Gifts - what you should be aware of and how to the gifts you can give.

Mistake 2 - Gifts that are not appropriate

When you are shopping for business-related gifts Be very cautious when it comes to what you purchase. When selecting a business present it is crucial importance that the gift is suitable. While it might seem insignificant to some, we recommend paying particular attention to issues such as religion , sexual orientation, as well as everything else that is as sensitive. It is also the case for things such as meat or alcohol. Inappropriate gifts can be a source of offense to your customers, business partners and employees with a great deal of hurt and that is not what you're trying to accomplish when you give a corporate gift.

If you aren't sure what to gift it's still possible to choose something that is generic. However, nowadays, such presents can create an impression that is not right. In these instances it is recommended to trust the experts. With more than the span of 25 years, we'll be more than happy to assist you select the best gifts. Send us your inquiries or questions via the contact details at the bottom of our site.

Mistake 3 - Gifting inappropriate or unwelcome food or beverage presents

No matter what it is, it could be an alcoholic bottle for those who don't consume alcohol, or even a bag of cookies for those who are diabetic or is prone to gluten. If you are aware that your business associate enjoys cookies that taste like Irish coffee, you should definitely present them as a gift! If you aren't certain if the food item is suitable, opt for a safe gift. This does not suggest giving food items in complete isolation but we would suggest that you be on the safe side when you're not sure. The safest options are dried and fresh fruit, gourmet olive or any other types of oils a variety of condiments ...

For instance, if someone appreciates a thoughtfully selected bottle of premium red wine, the next person isn't most impressed by the gift since they do not consume alcohol, regardless of how elegant the bottle. So why would you pay money on a present that will not be used and may possibly offend your business partner? Sometimes, it is better that alcohol isn't offered as a gift or given as a gift. We do this only when we are for certain that the person will be delighted with the present. In this instance, ask about the preferences and taste and then give them an alcohol bottle that they'll really appreciate.

The mistake is no. 4: Giving Christmas presents to someone who doesn't observe Christmas.

A lot of people celebrate Christmas, however there are still a lot that don't. So, the one thing you don't would want to do is offending someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Let's get more specific. Maybe your business associates or clients are of Jewish descendent and celebrate Hanukka Perhaps they are Afro-Americans and instead of Christmas , they celebrate Kwanza or Kwanza. Chinese business partners be celebrating Christmas as well as New Year later than the majority of the world. This occurs at the 2nd mile, following the winter solstice. This is once a year between January 22 between January 22 and February 19.

Therefore, be aware of religious practices and express your appreciation to those who observe the Christmas season in an alternative manner. Offer them a little respect with an inscription that doesn't mention Christmas, but rather expresses gratitude for their cooperation. So, you'll not exclude anyone and your present will still be of immense worth to the person receiving it.


No mistake. 5: Over expensive gifts

If you are looking to express respect and gratefulness, you must not overvalue the importance of the present. The last but not least you are giving it to the business partner, employee or a client but not your closest one. For this, everyone would like to dig a little deeper into their pockets. Some people may be uncomfortable when you're prepared to spend a significant amount of money for them. You can also give an impression that is not good with a extravagant gift and generosity.

Be aware of the laws within your own country. For instance in Slovenia the case is that a business charges anyone else that is not his employee, it is taxed as an additional source of income in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act. In this instance there is no gift that can be included within the tax base provided that the value of the gift is not greater than 42 EUR. or if the sum of the total amount received throughout the year by the same donor doesn't exceed the value of 84 EUR.

If the gift is greater than that amount, the organization is a legal entity or natural person who has activities - has to make a personal income tax deduction of 25% to the beneficiary of the gift.

The mistake is no. 6: Don't get carried away with the volume of information regarding the gifts

A lot of entrepreneurs don't realize that promotional and business items are in the end just gifts and not posters or leaflets. Printing a T-shirt with any information or titles typically implies that the top quality T-shirt will end in the garden or, in the better yet, in pajamas, which wasn't the intention when you gave it to someone as an item to give away. The principle in marketing "less is more"is still the same. So, you must be extremely cautious when it comes to branding, especially when you wish for your gifts to be part of the people's everyday gifts which is the primary objective.

The mistake is not yours. 7: You didn't remember the presentation

Don't give an item for business only in a bag or box and then hand it out! It's a company present. This means you have to make sure to do at minimum one of the two things. The second is to make it evident to the recipient that the gift is from your business, your brand. Print your logo and/or or a short message from your business or trademark. If the present has a personal touch, it's enough to add a short personal message that you write yourself. The recipient will be able to remember your name, often, over the course of the entire year. The second point is to not overlook quality packaging, wrapping paper or boxes. If the gift is not good and your business looks bad, it will look poor too.

When you are deciding on the best business gift, you should include the'real categories like hobbies or sports as well as food and flowers. If you're looking to make your job more simple, you can search for ideal corporate gifts through our site which is where you can discover a gift for each category that reminds you of your business partner or customer. In this way, you'll be aware that it's suitable for them.

Corporate or promotional gifts aren't just limited until the end of the calendar year, but are now a powerful marketing tool. Corporate Gifts and business gifts were ranked top for 2020, as being the top effective type of advertisement.

Are you interested in buying corporate gifts for your business and require assistance? Contact us and we'll be delighted to assist you with unique and high-quality gifts as quickly as we can. We'll put your logo or personal message on products.