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Amazon reviews Not Showing Up? Here's How to Fix the error?

Sep 22

If you're a seller on Amazon, chances are that you've encountered the problem of your Amazon reviews not showing up. You might have seen other sellers' reviews with hundreds or even thousands of clicks, but when it comes to yours, only a handful of people have clicked through. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you're a new seller. If you've been selling for a while and you're still experiencing this problem, then the following tips might help you to get your Amazon reviews showing up.

In this article, we'll look at the issue and explain how to avoid it in the future. Note that you can also take help from a reputable full service amazon agency to resolve this issue.

Possible reasons for reviews not showing up on Amazon

There are a few reasons why your Amazon reviews might not be showing up. The most common one is that you've bought fake reviews from a third-party service. This is against Amazon's terms of service, and they can easily detect it when they check your account. If this is the case, then you'll probably get a warning or even have your account terminated entirely.

The second reason is that you haven't published your product yet. Amazon doesn't display reviews on a listing until it's available to purchase. You can't publish it from your seller central account, but you can publish it using Seller Software by Selz.

The third reason is that your account was suspended. This can happen if you've been caught selling counterfeit products, or if Amazon suspects that you're buying fake reviews from a third-party service. If this happens, then it's likely that you'll have to start over with a new account and contact support for advice on getting things back on track.

The fourth reason is that you've made a mistake with your listing. For example, if you haven't included all of the required information in your product description (including title, brand name, manufacturer and model number) then Amazon won't display those reviews on your listing. You can find out what's missing by checking Amazon's Product Detail Page Requirements

How to resolve the issue of your Amazon reviews not showing up?

If you are experiencing issues with your Amazon reviews not showing up in search, it is likely that the reviews are filtered by Amazon. If you have been using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill your orders, this could be due to a review purge and may require some additional steps for resolution. If you are using FBA, it is possible that Amazon has filtered some of your reviews due to low quality or suspicious activity. Below we have mentioned some guidelines that will help you fix this issue and might help in amazon listing optimization as well!

1. Check if the reviews are filtered by Amazon

By looking at your Amazon reviews through the Amazon Product detail page, you can check if they are filtered. If all of your reviews are filtered, this may indicate that Amazon has detected suspicious activity in some of them. You will need to contact support and provide them with evidence that proves that you did not violate any review policies on Amazon.

2. Check whether there is any review purging.

If you want to know if your reviews are being purged, keep an eye on the review count of your product. If it suddenly drops in number, it might be because Amazon is purging old reviews. This could be because they detect that they were not written by real customers, or because Amazon is trying to hide a review from falling into the hands of competitors. Check your product page and see if there are any reviews that have been removed. You can also check for negative feedback ratings. If you see any new ones, it might mean that Amazon has detected some issues with your product and is removing them as a precautionary measure.

3. Check seller rating.

The first and most obvious thing to check is your seller rating. You need to make sure that you have a high-quality rating, otherwise it will show up as an error when customers try to see reviews on your page. If you already have a good rating, then there's no need to worry: it might be a temporary issue.

4. Use an automated review management tool.

Automated review management tools are software programs that help you manage your Amazon reviews by automatically responding to them, removing bad ones and adding good ones to the listing. Some even have features like automatic email templates, bulk reviewer contact forms, and more!

Some of these automated tools include ReviewKick's Automatic Customer Service Reviews (ACSR), which finds customer service messages posted on your Amazon product page, then responds on your behalf with a template message for each one (like this one). You can also use ACSR to automatically respond when someone leaves negative feedback that isn't related to any customer service issue (like this one).

As another example: JustAnswer's Automated Customer Care Review System lets you create templates for issues such as damaged products or missing items; has auto-responders for negative reviews with specific content requirements; and much more!

  1. Check for spammy keywords

Spammy keywords are those that are unlikely to lead people to your website, but that Amazon's search algorithm will pick up on and use as a signal for ranking purposes. This can be an issue if you're selling a product that has nothing to do with some of the keywords you're getting sales for, because it means they may not be converting into sales or even visits on your site.

Amazon has a set of guidelines that you are required to follow in order to maintain your seller status. One of those regulations is that you cannot use any form of language that is considered spammy or inappropriate when asking for reviews on Amazon. If your review requests contain words like “free”, “cheap”, and similar terms, then they may be filtered by Amazon as they are likely violating their policies.

  1. Review your seller performance

Amazon will review your seller performance on a regular basis, so it’s important that you are aware of what they are looking for. A few things to keep in mind: all negative reviews should be responded to within 24 hours (some say 48 hours), and all negative feedback should be addressed in a polite manner without making excuses or blaming others for the situation.


Fixing the Amazon reviews not showing up error can be a little difficult. But if you keep trying, eventually you'll get it right and your reviews will start to appear on product pages again. In the meantime, there are other things you can do to promote your products and boost sales.