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Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Dec 4


What is the legal definition of marijuana?


Cannabis is the common name for three plants that are psychotropic: Cannabis indica, and Cannabis sativa.


One of the most widely consumed drugs around the globe is made from dried flowers of these plants. It's sometimes referred to as marijuana or weed, however, some call it marijuana. As Missouri medical marijuana card is legalized in more places it is changing its name. The public is increasingly employing the term cannabis to refer to marijuana.

Some people believe it's an accurate name. Many believe it's more neutral than names like marijuana or pot, which are frequently associated with illegal usage. Because of its history with racial groups, "marijuana” is also becoming less popular.


Cannabis is commonly utilized to relax and slow down. It can also be used to treat various medical issues in the US including chronic pain, glaucoma, and appetite loss.

Keep in mind that even though cannabis is derived from a plant and is therefore considered natural, it is still able to produce powerful effects both positive and negative.


What are the main ingredients of marijuana?


Cannabinoids are a category of more than 120 constituents that are found in cannabis. The experts don't know the precise nature of each one, however, they know a lot about cannabidiol as well as tetra hydro cannabin.


Each one has its own unique effects and applications.


CBD. CBD is not a psychoactive cannabis cannabinoid and won't cause you to feel "high". It's often utilized to ease inflammation and pain. It also helps in treating nausea, anxiety headaches, seizures, and nausea. (Epidiolex is the FDA's very first and only CBD-containing prescription drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug is utilized for treating epilepsy in some people. Researchers are trying to discover the best way to use CBD. CBD could be utilized to treat medical conditions.

THC. THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis.

Find out more on the differences between THC (high-potency cannabis) and CBD here.


There are cannabis-related products that have CBD, THC or a mixture of both. Although most people think of cannabis as dried flowers, certain strains have more cannabinoids than others. Hemp contains a significant amount of CBD however, it does not contain THC.


What are the immediate consequences of cannabis?


There are a variety of short-term side effects of using cannabis. Some are beneficial, while others are more concerning.


Here are a few of the most beneficial short-term advantages:


  • An increase in appetite, relaxation, excitement, and experience the world around you more deeply,

  • Time and perception of events changed

  • Focus and imagination

  • The effects are usually lower than THC in products with large quantities of CBD.


Certain people might experience side effects of cannabis. Here are some potential negative effects that cannabis can cause:

  • Coordination issues

  • The reaction time may take a time

  • nausea\lethargy\anxiety

  • a faster heartbeat

  • Blood pressure has dropped.

  • The paranoia

  • These adverse effects are less frequent with CBD-rich products than THC-rich ones.

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